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Just and Fair Trade

It may be the first time that Havas has publicly stripped away the EU’s unfair treatment of Indonesian commodities and disclosed 10 facts using objective data. Expecting the EU to change its policy through a diplomatic approach would be a long and winding road. It would be like waiting for Godot.

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At the end of the 1994 APEC Summit in Bogor, President Soeharto pushed Indonesia to have courage in facing more open global conditions in the future. Ready or not, the President said, Indonesia must be ready to deal with economic globalization (a popular term at that time) and live with it.

Just like a mantra, the phrase “economic globalization” became popular amid the euphoria of the nations that had just finished the seven-year Uruguay Round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). The World Trade Organization (WTO), established at the end of negotiations, was designed not only to be the world trade agency, but also as an entity to manage the numerous agreements produced during previous negotiations under GATT. Its formation at that time was like sowing new optimism to manage the world economy through just and fair trade. Fair trade?

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Then-president Soeharto and the leaders of APEC member countries at the APEC Summit, which was held at the Bogor Palace, West Java, 1994.