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Dealing with the Motorcycle Gang Subculture

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The involvement of youths in motorcycle gangs is no longer just a hobby or a desire to socialize with peer groups, but has shifted into a platform for expressing antisocial attitudes and deviant subcultures that tends toward criminal territory.

In Depok, for example, it was reported that two teenagers fell victim to the ferocity of motorcycle gangs (8/6/2017). Without any reason or trigger, the two teenagers who were riding motorcycles were suddenly stopped by motorcycle gang members and, without any warning, were attacked with sharp weapons, receiving serious head injuries.

In another area, the activities of motorcycle gangs are no less worrying. In Gowa regency, South Sulawesi, for example, dozens of motorcycle gang members reportedly attacked residents of a housing complex (7/6/2017), simply because they felt ridiculed when one of them fell during a freestyle attraction. About 30 of the angry motorcycle gang members then attacked the residents with bows and arrows and other sharp weapons.