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Runners’ Dramatic Struggle toward Tambora

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Kompas/Rony Ariyanto Nugroho

Ari Iskandar was the first relay runner who was spelled by his running mate at Kilometer 160 in the Cross Sumbawa 2017 ultramarathon in Plampang, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, on Thursday (6/4). Ari\'s running mate was Muhammad Dzaky Wardana.

SUMBAWA BESAR, KOMPAS – The second day of the 320-kilometer Lintas Sumbawa 2017 cross-country run on Thursday (6/4/2017) was filled with drama. One participant kept on running while withstanding a toothache, another one threw up because of a lack of nutritional intake, while others ran on sandals or barefoot.

Even after running for more than 100 kilometers in an hours-long downpour, a majority of the runners were still keen to reach the finish line on the foothills of Mount Tambora in Doro Ncanga, West Nusa Tenggara.